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What's Happening at VAHA

  • Sep
  • 8
Coupon Book - Early Distribution
  • 5:00pm- 6:00pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • Miners Lobby
  • Each player (max 28 per family) will be required to sell 14 books @ $15 each.

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  • Sep
  • 8
Board Meeting
  • 6:30pm- 7:30pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • Miners - North Room
  • Tag(s): Coaches 
  • Sep
  • 9
Coupon Book - Early Distribution
  • 5:00pm- 6:00pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • Miners Lobby
  • Each player (max 28 per family) will be required to sell 14 books @ $15 each.

  • Tag(s): Coaches 
  • Sep
  • 28
Fall 4 on 4 begins
  • 2:30pm- 3:30pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • Miners Back Rink
  • See tab at left Fall League 4 on 4 for registration form

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  • Sep
  • 29
Fall 4 on 4
  • 2:30pm- 3:30pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • Miners Back Rink
  • See tab at left Fall League 4 on 4 for registration form

  • Tag(s): Coaches 

Message from the President for 2014 - 2015 Season

Dear VAHA Members,

Summer is slipping away and another hockey season is fast approaching.  I thought I would send out an update to all of our members with some changes and events that will take place for this season.  Also, I will explain the Board position that needs to be filled in the very near future.

Fall 4x4:  We are scheduled to start fall 4x4 on September 28th this year.  The cost remains the same ($150.00) and we will have a mix of games and open hockey for those who register.  Depending on the number of registration, we may have open hockey again for the pops level kids along with a high school girl’s session.  We will not know this until we get a final number of participants at the mite through high school levels.  We only get the ice in the fall from Sunday through Thursday each week so ice times are limited.  Registration forms can be found on our website.

Coupon Book Sales:  We are trying something new this year with the coupon books.  We will offer the coupon books to be picked up on September 8th and 9th from 5 pm to 6 pm both evenings in the main lobby of the Miners.  We are requiring each member to purchase 14 coupon books at $15.00 each with a maximum of 28 books per family.  This will give us an extra month to sell the books.  If you are purchasing the books with a personal check, we will hold these checks for 2 weeks before depositing.  If you choose not to buy your coupon books early, you will still be required to purchase the books at VAHA registration.  We will deposit these checks after the two weeks.

VAHA Registration:  We will hold the 2014-2015 VAHA registration on October 8th and 9th from 5 pm to 7 pm, both evenings in the Miners SOUTH Room.  The VAHA fees will be the same as last year and this information will be posted on our website shortly, along with all of the forms needed for you to print off.  *Season begins October 25th!

VAHA/Lions Club Pancake Feed Fundraiser:  We are working on picking a date for this fundraiser…we are trying to schedule it prior to a home Varsity Hockey game and we will keep everyone updated as we finalize these details.

Members Meeting:  We are planning to have an informational meeting for ALL parents/guardians and players at the very beginning of this season.  We will go over the VAHA Handbook, rules, bullying, mission statement, volunteering, participation, good sportsmanship, concession and time clock, etc.  It is extremely important that everyone attends this meeting.  This will be a great time to meet coaches, board members and also ask questions.  There will be more to come on this as well.

Referee Coordinator Board Member position 2 year term:  We are currently without a referee coordinator.  This position needs to be filled immediately.  We know everyone is very busy…this is also the case for our current board members and all of our coaches.  This individual does not need to be a referee and can be a male or a female.  You would be working off of a master list of available referees that Mr. Strukel has organized from years past and you would schedule all of our home games with referees.  Being that this is a Board Position…it needs to be filled by someone in our program.  It is time that parents with younger players in our program start stepping up to fill these positions.  We look forward to your new ideas and thoughts in regards to Virginia Youth Hockey.  Scheduling the referees is only one part of this position….bringing ideas and thoughts to our board meetings, is of equal importance.  If this Board position remains unfilled, we will not have home hockey games this year.   THANK YOU CARLA PHANEUF FOR STEPPING UP AND TAKING THE POSITION! WELCOME TO THE VAHA BOARD!

Youth Hockey Director Pete Coldagelli:  We are proud to announce the filling of this very important position in our program.  The YHD is responsible for all on ice-hockey related issues with the cooperation and approval of the head varsity coach and player development committee.  Pete will be a tremendous resource for our coaching staff and brings an exuberant amount of knowledge to our program.

Back Rink Cleaning September 16, 17, 18 6 pm-?:  Our youth hockey association is required to clean the back rink glass and boards prior to each season.  We also sweep around the rink and walkways as well as any general cleaning that needs to be done.  This will need to be done prior to September 19th.   We will need as much help as we can get to complete this on time and we will send out a reminder in the very near future.

April Elections 2015:

President-2 year term

Secretary-2 year term

Concession Coordinator-2 year term

Youth Hockey Director-1 year term and is chosen by the President, Head Varsity Coach and one Board Member chosen on election day.

All of the duties for these Board positions, along with the election process, can be found in the VAHA Handbook on our website:  www.virginiabluedevilhockey.com


JULY 14 - AUGUST 29 (Back Rink)

Wear comfortable clothes & shoes, bring stick and gloves


SQUIRTS / PEEWEES :  Monday and Wednesdays   6:30pm -8:00pm

M:  Circuit # 1 and Pucks

W: Circuit # 2 and Pucks 



BANTAMS / HIGH SCHOOL :  Monday - Thursday

6:30pm -8:00pm

M:  Pucks and Weights

T:   Circuit # 1, Pucks and Weights

W:  Pucks and Weights

Th:  Circuit # 2, Pucks and Weights


Log your pucks shot.  Have coach sign your log. 

Please keep track of your puck logs in your folder. 





Circuit # 1:                                             Circuit # 2: 

Pucks  100+                                          Pucks  100+

Sweet hands / passing 15 min.         Sweet hands / passing 15 min.

Boxes jumps                                         Slide/Stride B.  

Speed ladder                                         Russian boxes      

Mini hurdles                                           Tire flip 


* 10 minutes per Station 






See TOURNAMENTS tab for registration form 


See TOURNAMENT tab for registration information


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